Garik Davtyan - Business transformation l Digital environment | Innovation | Strategic and Operational management

CREDIT BUREAU ACRA- implementation of information security management process, pre-certification audit of information security systems

INGO ARMENIA - implementation of quality management system. The company has been successfully certified by Bureau Veritas to ISO 9001 standart

CJSC MELLAT BANK - implementation of document circulation process for ISO 27001 certification audit

STATE REVENUE COMMITTEE OF ARMENIA - implementation of information security management process, the company has been successfully certified to ISO 27001 standart

INSTIGATE LLC - – internal audit of the quality management system and management evaluation. A comprehensive analysis of the company management system has been implemented by me and practical proposals have been presented. Trainings on process and quality management have been conducted

LLC LSOFT - internal audit of the quality management system and management evaluation

CASA FOUNDATION - online training on quality and risk management. I have made brief training manuals on quality and risk management for the company

ASUE –Since 2014 I was the member of the State Examination Commmission at the faculty of Management in the Armenian State Economic University

CJSC GNC-ALFA – regular trainings of quality management, process management, sales and customer service

LANAR SERVICE LTD –Consultation of the transformation of organizational structure and implementation of the system of key performance indicators (KPI)

SARAJYAN TRAININGS LTD –consulting on key management systems and key performance indicators (KPI). Cooperation in the field of counseling and training. The main areas of cooperation are strategic management, pragmatic management, digital transformation and automation

PAYVA – consultation on digital platforms and the digital environment

CONTRACT.AM – consultation on digital platforms, digital environment and process automation

2013 - to this day

Rostelecom Aremenia (Telecommunication...)

✷Implementation of the Company's operational management and assurance functions transferred by the CEO
✷Organization of business processes management, developing reporting systems construction and document management support (standards, categories, regulations, procedures, etc.) and teamwork moderation
✷Ensuring of identification, formalization, monitoring and optimization of the Company's business processes
✷Restructuring of business processes, improving the manageability of the Company, ensuring the smooth operation of the company
✷Ensuring and managing operational management systems of the Company
✷Automation and digitalization of business processes, creation and implementation of logic for automation and digitalization
✷Audit and functional analysis of the effectiveness of business processes, automation and digitalization. Determination of non-optimal sites of business processes, automation and formation of offers

✔Creating and restructuring of the logic, services and processes structure, that facilitated and reduced the financial and labor costs several times of automating and digitizing business processes
✔Automated and digitized 70% of key business processes from scratch
✔Solving the problem of the transition from eliciting errors to preventing them, that has reduced process execution time by 30%
✔Creation and implementation of a knowledge base that has become the main source of information for employees, has reduced the number of internal trainings and the training of new employees by 80%

2011 - 2013

“GNC-ALFA” JSC (Rostelecom) (Telecommunication...)

✷Implementation of the Company's management organization and systematization function transferred by the CEO
✷Construction of quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008
✷Ensuring measurement, monitoring and analysis of processes
✷Conducting an internal audit, taking corrective and preventive actions, ensuring continuous improvement of processes
✷Separation, optimization and graphic description of business processes system for the subsequent effective introduction of automated management systems
✷Preparation of reports to senior management on Quality Management System (QMS) statement, submission of business process management and Company management improvement recommendations
✷Working with inspection bodies of QMS and participated external auditors of third party

✔Quality management system (QMS) implementation from scratch and successful certification by Bureau Veritas
✔Models of processes have built and implemented that have subsequently served as a basis for automated control system construction
✔Customer satisfaction and loyalty rates increased by 40% through ensuring the function of management analysis
✔Practical and theoretical training of the whole staff on quality issues and statistical
✔Implemented criteria, indicators and methods for evaluating the effectiveness in the implementation of processes and in the management of these processes

2011 - 2014

Bureau Veritas Armenia (Consulting...)

✷Consulting on total management, efficiency, KPI, strategic management, operational management and quality management system
✷Analysis and recommendation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the “client companies”
✷Construction of quality management systems (QMS) according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008
✷Working with inspection bodies of QMS and participated external auditors of third party
✷Conducting an internal audit and ensuring continuous improvement of processes in the “client companies”
✷Theoretical training of the whole staff on quality issues and statistical methods and control tools in the “client companies”

✔Creation of a management evaluation system that was applied in “client companies”
✔Successful certification of all companies that have been consulted on and implemented in quality management systems (QMS) by me
✔Practical training of the whole staff on quality issues and statistical methods and control tools has been implemented
✔Implemented criteria, indicators and methods for evaluating the effectiveness in the implementation of processes and in the management of these processes

2011 - 2011

"Ardshininvestbank" CJSC (Financial and banking sector...)

✷Bank and business process service quality management, and development of methodology for solving bank problems
✷Analysis of internal processes and services to increase effectiveness (quality management)
✷Ensuring the systematization of business processes
✷Compliance of processes with legislative requirements and policies of the Bank
✷Development of internal normative documents

2007 - 2010
DEPUTY Director

"Meble" Ltd (Financial and banking sector...)

✷ A management and distribution of duties, definition of priorities and sequence of carried out problems, the control and an estimation of activity of employees
✷ The analysis of the competitive environment, SWOT analysis
✷ The marketing analysis
✷ Selection, training, formation and conducting base of promoters
✷ Realisation of administrative support of work of offices of the company
✷ Formation and effective execution of corresponding budgets; the control of expenses on the office maintenance, the organisation of workplaces, planning of office space

✔ Creating a stable customer base
✔ Raising customer loyalty several times
✔ Process improvement

2005 - 2007

"Meble" Ltd (Financial and banking sector...)

2001 - 2002

"Qristof" Ltd

1997 - 2002

Yerevan state economic institute

Management (5 Year Graduate Diploma)


Sarajyan trainings-Igor Ryzov - Negotiations with monsters

"Trigon" Development Consulting Company- "Change and Crisis Applied Managment" the coach prof. dok.Fridrih Glazl: Development Consultant and Conflict Management”

Graduate School Of Corporate Management - Module Management of the course Modern Manager (Certificate )

Armenian-German Foundation - Loan Specialist ( Finance, Insurance ... - No Certificate )

Armenian Corporation Of Management - “Effective Management of Enterprise” (Successful Accomplishment Certificate)

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